Ways to Save Money on Electricity

When given the opportunity, most people would choose to save money on their electricity bills. Depending on whether you have the ability to invest in making your home more efficient, or can only implement no-cost options at this time, energy savings can be found all around. Making changes now not only helps lower your monthly obligation today, but will help keep that bill lower for years to come.

I Can Invest A Little:

If you have a little to spend, you can take on some projects that require very little work, but can yield nice results. Check the weather stripping around your doors and seal around your windows, and replace if necessary. This can limit drafts and assist with keeping your home at an optimal temperature for less. You can get additional benefits by putting up thermal quality curtains, designed with energy efficiency in mind.

Change out your old incandescent light bulbs for CFL or LED lights. If you must have light in a space like as a windowless bathroom, look for LED nightlights with light sensors, so it only runs when it is actually dark. Additionally, see if a motion-sensing light can replace one that is permanently on. It can still provide the safety and security your need, without having to run all night.

I Can Invest a Lot

Some ways to see big changes in your electricity bill may require a big investment on your part. Replacing single-pane windows or adding insulation in your home can payoff in the long run. It helps to make the heating and cooling of your home more efficient, keeping the warm and cold air where you want it depending on season. Upgrading older appliances with Energy Star certified ones can also yield savings on your monthly energy bills.

Freebies Only Please

Everyone can use less electricity, if they want to. Make sure that any appliance that is not in use is not only turned off, but unplugged if possible. Many appliances, like your microwave, pull small amounts of energy even when not in use. The same goes for computers, printers, televisions, and so many more. The cell phone charger you left plugged into the wall is still using electricity, just by being plugged in. Even if eliminating passive power-wasters is all you can do right now, it can still add up to serious savings over time.